5 Reasons To Background Check Someone

In today’s modern society, it is becoming more and more difficult to initially meet people in public.  Living fast pace like calls for the internet to do our meeting for us, and then leaves us to make assumptions based on that alone.  Talk about a first impression.


If we are incredibly lucky, we might get the chance to first meet someone when we are out and about and not looking at our media devices.  Regardless of the situation, we should always be cautious and proactive when we get to know somebody.  Depending on the situation, running simple background checks can give a pretty good insight to the person you are inquiring about. Though there are a plethora of reasons to background check someone, here we will touch on five good ones.

1.  So you met online?  How do you know they aren’t a complete sketch ball?!

Online dating apps and websites are teeming the internet along with all of our multi-media devices.  Apps such as Tinder or Dattch are connecting people left and right with a simple picture and brief bio of each member.  If you are going on a first date to meet the person, well in person, running a background check would be super helpful in verifying that they are a decent candidate.  Obviously a background check won’t tell you their personality type, likes and dislikes or strange habits, but it could help prevent you from getting oh I don’t know, taken and killed? Run it.


2. Looking for a roommate?  Again, people can be super creeps.

Just like above, most people are finding their roommates online or from mutual acquaintances.  Regardless, run a background check if you have never met them JUST to verify they are who they are and that they aren’t a runaway, psycho killer of some sort. Verifying people are who they say they are is good.  Going into it completely blind isn’t the best course of action.


3. Want to send out invitations or card of some sort or simply reconnect with people?  Check it.  

This is a great example of a decent reason to run a back ground check.  Keeping up with people is hard today.  Everybody is moving at different paces going after their “American Dream.”  If you are looking to reconnect or need an address to send a letter or card, go ahead and run a background check.  It will give you their most current address and contact information.  Obviously stay away from stalking.  Seriously, don’t be that weirdo.


4. Save time from going to the court house.  You can pull public records from a background check.

Going to court for any amount of time can be obnoxious, especially if it is just to get some paperwork.  The people that work in court houses are alway slammed and it could take a long time and probably a lot of paper work to get any form of a document.  Speed past all that by pulling up public records through a background check on somebody or yourself.


5.  Check yourself out.  Go ahead, I know you’re curious.  

I mean who doesn’t want to know what their public record says?  I know that I do because I have checked mine before.  Despite the many speeding tickets that I’ve acquired over the years, online I’m a pretty good person, if I do say so my self, which I am.  Clearly.  In any case, running a background check on yourself every once and a while is a phenomenal way to see if your identity has been highjacked or that everything is in order.



as long as you are using the proper background check engine and in the legal rights to do so.

By:  Emily Patrick